Internship Week #1

I started my internship with the Bulls/ White Sox Training Academy as intern to the General Manager of Baseball Operations/ Head Baseball Trainer this past Monday.

My first day started at noon (not bad!) and as soon as I got there, my supervisor took us to lunch.  We discussed what would be expected of the week, which was to include two trips to Chicago. Since it rained the first day I was supossed to go (Wednesday), I got to work from home. I have been doing mainly coaching databases where I find contact information for coaches and/or players and enter them in to Excel spreadsheets for use (likely by me) later in the summer for the camps and showcases I will be the contact person for.  The databasing is OK, and I know it’s making my job easier for later on, but right now, it’s annoying. I was told it’s what I will be doing most of the first month.
After that first day, I was so stressed, and so fed up that I seriously, seriously considered quitting. I was going to find a job up here, and say forget it. Then I reminded myself that I’ve wanted to quit before, and have been wanted to quit before (does that make sense?). I didn’t. And that’s why I am where I am now. I think my supervisor knew somehow because after that first day, things were a ton better. We’re getting used to each other now, and I think it’s going to be pretty interesting the more we work together…

My first trip to Chicago came today. I was to be at the stadium at 7:15, which meant a 5:30 wakeup. On a Saturday. 😉 For those who know me, I’m not much of a morning person. I rode with another intern, from the basketball side of the facility. He’s from not too far from home, so we talked about that on the way up there. Not too long after we left town, we ran over something (still don’t know what it was). When we got to the stadium, we realized that the car had a flat tire, like, pancake flat. I don’t know if we were driving the whole way on it flat or not.

It was also today that I realized alot of things.
I’ve worked in baseball, before obviously. This is so much different. We were running two kids camps today,  and I was one of the “coaches” (go ahead, laugh, I’ll wait…..). We had groups of 8-10 kids that we took around to different stations around US Cellular. They got to go in the visitor’s clubhouse, the home batting cages, and all over the field for things like baserunning, fielding, robbing a homer where Dwayne Wise made The Catch to save Buerhle’s perfect game, and getting their picture taken on second base. There were a few too many “coaches”, so I got to walk around and basically just hang out where I wanted on the field. I got to take some pictures for the Academy, and take some of my own.
Not only did I get to be in the visitor’s clubhouse, I got to be in the dugouts and on the grass. I’ve never been in a clubhouse, and if you take a tour, you can’t be on the grass. I think I was most excited about that (nerd alert).

I may be an intern for a Major League organization, which means I have to be “cool” with this, but first and foremost, I am a fan. To have my first trip to a stadium be as close to all access as you can get is more than amazing. I had to remind myself several times today that, yes, this is real. This is my life right now. And I can’t believe it.

(And yes, we did get the tire fixed. And we got lost on the way home. 🙂 )

Standing in the grass behind 3B 🙂


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